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St Columba Hotel
Meet the owners...

The current shareholders of St Columba Hotel Ltd are: Louise & David Allaway; Gill Black; Sarah Jane Gordon; Alison & Angus Johnston; Daniel Morgan and Claire Bachellerie; and Judy Russell.

Louise works here at The St Columba Hotel as our Group Bookings Manager. As well as working as part of the maintenance team here at the hotel, David is a self-employed tour-guide (www.ionatrails.com) and is also the leader of Iona's team of volunteer firefighters.

Gill has been crofting on Iona since 1976.

Sarah Jane Gordon currently lives in London and has been visiting the island all her life.

Alison and Angus owned the St Columba for the 25 years previous to the last ownership (and thought they had retired!). They still live on Iona.

Dan and Claire owned and ran the Argyll Hotel on Iona from 1999 to January 2012. They are currently living in Canada.

Judy has been visiting the island all of her life and worked at the St Columba in her youth. She presently lives and works in Edinburgh.

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