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St Columba Hotel
'Coming Home: Food for the Soul'

Coming Home: Food for the Soul.

Saturday 14th to Saturday 21st October 2017.

 A contemplative and nurturing retreat guided by Stephen Wright and Jean Sayre-Adams with Sian Evans and Mark Radcliffe.

“Is this place really nearer to God?

Is the wall thin between our whispers

And his listening? I only know

The world grows less and less”


(from ‘Iona’ by Kenneth C Steven)


Primarily, this will be a time of contemplation and reflection. There will be guided teachings and meditations each day, drawn mainly from the Christian contemplative tradition, with time for participants to share their wisdom and embark on a midweek pilgrimage around the island.

These times of togetherness will be complemented by moments of solitude, stillness and silence; time to ‘let God be God’ and to listen deeply to the ‘still, small voice’ within. There will also be ample opportunity, alone or with others, to explore the island, appreciate its beauty and enjoy the fresh, clean air as well as participating in the spiritual rhythms of the Abbey.

This week of retreat will be a place to come home to ourselves, to seek out that place of peace and tranquillity within and deepen our connection with God. Whether you are a novice seeker or have years of spiritual practise behind you, whether you belong to a particular faith or none, this inclusive and open retreat will offer inspiration, direction, renewal and encouragement for all who wish to ‘come home’.

Stephen and Jean have led many retreats on Iona and in other places over the past couple of decades. They co-ordinate the Sacred Space Foundation’s three retreat houses in Cumbria, where both work as spiritual directors along with Sian and Mark. They have all completed programmes of interfaith ministry, deep spiritual practice and spiritual direction and bring, through their collective experience, a loving and all-encompassing approach to their work.

To enquire about availability for this event please phone us on 01681700304 or email us at info@stcolumba-hotel.co.uk.

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