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St Columba Hotel
Group Meeting Spaces

Space for groups to meet is an area that we are working hard to improve. Although there are several meeting spaces in the hotel, there are certain limitations. The information on this page is intended to give you a clear indication of what we can offer in the hotel and also of what other options there are on the island.

Sun lounge. Our sun lounge, which is the room most suited to large group use, is also the only way of accessing the bedrooms in the Abbey Wing of the building. This means that unless your group has taken all of the rooms in the hotel other guests will need to use the large lounge both to access their rooms and also as a lounge. We do now have an area of this lounge which can be curtained off. This area looks out over the sound and can seat around 20 - 25 people. This does provide a good meeting space however obviously the curtains do not provide much in the way of noise insulation.

Fireside lounge. The fireside lounge can provide seating for up to 25. This is an internal, cosy lounge with a large fireplace. Again, this area can be curtained off however it is not a seperate room.

Iona Library. The library, situated in the village, is about five minutes walk from the hotel and can seat up to 35. Toilets are situated in the next building. There is a fee for using the library. Using the library is good for groups who want a completely private space which can be left set up as you want it. It also helps support the local community!

Iona Village Hall. The hall, situated next to the library, can seat anything up to 100. It is a big open space which would be more suited to summer use when it's a bit warmer! The hall does get used more regularly than the library so it is more difficult to book for longer periods of time however it can often be booked for a day or two if your group needs a big indoor space. Again, there is a fee for hiring the hall.

Argyll Hotel. The Argyll Hotel has a private lounge which can seat up to 20. The Argyll is situated about five minutes walk from The Columba. There is a charge of £20 a day for use of this lounge.

All of these facilities, including our own, should be booked as far as possible in advance through Louise Allaway here at the hotel.

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