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St Columba Hotel
How you Can Help

How you can help

  • Turn off heaters, lights and chargers when you are out of your room.
  • We will change your towels every three days during your stay. We ask that in between this you make use of the towel rails in the bathrooms to dry towels. Should you require a more frequent change please leave your used towels in the bath or shower tray.
  • Shower instead of bathing sometimes to reduce hot water usage.
  • Travel to and from Iona using public transport when possible. Please ask us for further information about timetables and connections.
  • Paper & cardboard, cans, plastic bottles & food trays, and glass bottles & jars can be brought to the recycling bins at reception!
  • Used batteries can be left at reception or taken to the collection box at the Spar shop in the village.
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