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St Columba Hotel
Seasonal Encounters with the Iona Community 2019

THROUGH DARKNESS TO DAWN - an Easter retreat led by writer and broadcaster the Rev. John L. Bell of the Iona Community.

Iona 17th-22nd April 2019

Paul Tillich, the German theologian claimed that there could be no experience of depth without a way into it. This retreat allows us to accompany Jesus on his way to the cross and beyond, through the dark valley rather than around it. We will follow a path of lament, grief and sorrow towards the events of Good Friday as a necessary prelude to the joy of Easter Day.

JOHN BELL is a Resource Worker with The Iona Community, who lectures, preaches and conducts seminars across the denominations. He is a hymn writer, author and occasional broadcaster, but retains a primary passion for congregational song. John is based in Glasgow and works with his colleagues in the areas of music, worship and spirituality.

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