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St Columba Hotel

How do I get to Iona?
Please refer to our “Getting Here” page.

Can I bring my car onto Iona?
Not normally. Exceptions would be for trades people, people with a disability sticker or island residents. Anyone who wants to bring a car onto Iona needs to apply to Argyll and Bute council for a permit.

How far is it from the jetty to the hotel?
It’s about a five minute walk. If we are asked we will send our car down to collect luggage.

Is there a taxi service on the island?
Yes there is. The taxi can be booked by calling 07810 325 990

What’s the weather like on Iona?
Varied! It’s impossible to predict and so you need to bring clothes to cover all eventualities. It can go from bright and warm sunshine to cold, wet and windy very quickly!

Does the hotel have lifts?
No, there are no lifts. Many of our rooms are on the first floor up a short flight of stairs.

Is there access to TV?
No, the hotel has no TV.

Are there phones in the rooms?
No, we don’t have phones in the bedrooms, but we are happy to take messages at reception.

Is there internet access?
Yes, there is free internet access for guests. We have a WiFi network throughout the hotel.

Can I book trips to Staffa and other boat trips through reception?
Yes you can. We will do our best to make arrangements for you and there is no commission charged.

Am I expected to tip at the hotel?
There is no obligation to tip.If you do want to tip then you can do so in a number of ways. Leave it at the table, give it to wait staff, leave it in your room or give it to reception. Whichever way you choose it all ends up in a pot and gets split evenly between all staff. With regards to how much to tip, again there are no hard and fast rules. Some people leave 10% of their entire bill, some people leave nothing!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes you can. Please let us know and be aware that there is a £12 per visit charge for cleaning.

What time can I check in?
We do our very best to have your room ready by 1pm.

What time is check out?
Check out is 10am however you can leave your bags at reception and you can stay in our lounges as long as you like.

What mobile phone networks get coverage on Iona?
O2 gets the best coverage and Vodafone gets reasonable coverage. Other networks have either very limited of no coverage at all.

Do I need to dress for dinner?
No, there is no formal dress code at the hotel.

Is there somewhere to leave bikes?
Bikes can be left in our gardens.

Can the hotel wash laundry for me?
Yes, we can wash and dry your laundry for you for a small charge.

Do you have facilities for people with disabilities?
The whole of the ground floor of the hotel is accessible by wheelchair. We have one twin bedded room which has a disabled toilet and we have disabled public toilets on the ground floor. The hotel has a wheelchair which guests can use free of charge.

How far is the hotel from The Abbey?
We are situated right next to The Abbey. It takes about 3 minutes to walk there.

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