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St Columba Hotel

Walking up to the hotel from the jetty you will see our garden, which has been certified organic by the Soil Association since 2008.

Our garden produces salad leaves, herbs, flowers and soft fruits, as well as a wide range of vegetables. Some, such as carrots and kale, are staples in any Scottish market garden. Others are a little more unusual: the Purple Majesty potatoes will brighten up any plate!

To grow produce successfully here requires an understanding of the quirks of food growing on the Scottish west coast! Some of the challenges to contend with are a short intense growing season, the variable weather conditions, the need to shelter delicate plants, and the irrigation needs of the light sandy soil. Of course there are also advantages: the soil, being light and free-draining, is a dream to work with, and the annual application of seaweed, so plentifully available, maintains a rich natural fertility. (We think the view from the garden is also an advantage: there’s no evidence it helps the produce, but it certainly helps the gardeners!)

The first Friday in August is an important date in our garden’s calendar, as each year our produce competes against the many other wonderful local gardens at the annual Bunessan Agricultural Show!

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