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St Columba Hotel
What We Do

What we do

  • In 2009 we installed a solar water heating system.
  • In 2015 we installed more energy efficient wall heaters in our long lounge. When portable heaters need replaced we are purchasing oil free heaters.
  • Compost uncooked food waste and use on the gardens thus reducing waste, transport of waste and landfill.
  • Recycle cardboard, paper, batteries, cans, plastic bottles and glass waste from the hotel.
  • Our vegetable garden has been certified organic by the Soil Association since 2008. Cultivating our own produce saves on ‘food miles’ as well as being full of flavour!
  • We use long life, energy efficient bulbs wherever possible. We have recently started switching to LED bulbs.
  • Use recycled paper and envelopes.
  • Recycle our used cooking oil into Bio Diesel which we use in our vehicle.
  • We buy meat, fish & seafood locally when available, including from Iona Seafood and from Maol Farm.
  • We have an account with Triodos bank.
  • We use the Ecover Professional range of cleaning fluids and detergents.
  • We buy Together Green recycled toilet paper through Traidcraft.
  • In autumn 2015 we installed a Shieling Drying Tent so we can dry clothes and linens outside even when it’s raining! Guests are welcome to make use of this, please ask at reception.
  • Over the winter we fertilise our gardens with seaweed: making use of an abundant natural resource, and keeping up a traditional local practice.
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